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Tow Nutz might not seem the obvious accessory to any city dweller driving around in a small run-about, but far more suited to the kind of guy that lives in the country and parks their truck where they want when they want. Give your pick-up, lorry or 4x4 some attitude and do what they do in the animal kingdom by showing who's the boss by making a display.

Slightly tacky and some might say distasteful but if you want a ride with character then some nuts dangling from the back should bring a smile to your rear view mirror.

Tow Nutz are a great accessory for your car and any bloke with too much testosterone.


  • Tow Nutz are blue in colour, made from solid plastic.
  • Size 16 x 9cms.
  • Supplied with two cable ties or you can attach with an appropriate sized bolt (not supplied) 
  • Attach to your tow hook or any other suitable place on your car.


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