Tuffy's Extremely Tough Dog Toys

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Tired of spending money on dog toys that take your dog less time to destroy than it took you to take out the packet? Well Tuffy's Dog Toys should redress that balance and hopefully make your money last just a bit longer. To understand why these dog toys are so tough just read the details on how they're constructed:

'Each toy is made with 4 layers of material. Two layers of industrial grade luggage material, one of plastic coating and then soft fleece on the outside. These layers are then sewn together four times in a cross pattern to prevent separation. Additional industrial grade webbing is sewn around the outside'


 Tuffy's Dog Toys are rated between 7 and 9 on the Tuffy's 'Tuff Scale' to help you choose the best toy for your dog. These dog toys are interactive toys – they are not chew toys and, while tough, they are not indestructible, as all dog owners know, virtually nothing is indestructible, but the Tuffy Toys should last longer than anything else you'll find.

Choose from the below:

  • Larry Lobster: Size 14" x 10", Tuff scale 7/10,   £16.99
  • Purple Pete Octopus: Size 16" x 16", Tuff Scale 7/10,   £23.99
  • Alien: Size: Size  14" x 12", Tuff Scale 7/10,   £21.99
  • Sheep: Size 14" tall, Tuff Scale 7/10,   £20.99



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