Twister Duvet Covers

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What a great idea! A duvet that has more than one use. Twister is the first game to be turned into a bedspread but we think it won't be the last. Everyone knows the rules for the original twister game but how you play this version of twister is entirely up to you.     

Great fun for the family, friends or that special person. Not recommended if you’re colour blind although it may make it easier. As with the board game, the twister duvet cover is perfect for showing your gymnastic ability and creating those interesting yet awkward body tangles.


The twister duvet set is currently only available for double duvets. The sets come with two pillow cases and a foam dice. All that you need now is someone to play it with. If you don't have anyone to play it with then what better way to get to know someone (or get them into bed), by asking them to play twister!

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