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The Wacky Walk'r is a new concept in dog leads. Made of latex derived from 100% natural rubber this ergonomically correct lead relieves stress for both dog and walker.


 The WACKY Walk’r stretches to 6 feet.  The URBAN is shorter than the WALK’r and stretches to 3 feet

The lead has a unique flexibility which limits stress on both dog and walker, and offers welcome relief from the ‘jerk’ effect of traditional rigid leads. In addition, its centre is reinforced with a safety line which not only provides durability but also gives added control by restricting stretch to no more than twice the lead’s length. ‘Kerbside’ handles give further “at heel” control.

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Small : 1-20lbs,  Medium 21-60lbs, Large 61-200lbs

Please note: If your dog is a strong puller and falls into the upper half of the weight category we recommend you choose a larger size lead.



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