Wake N Shake Star Extra Loud Alarm Clock

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A bit slow to rise in the mornings, or it's the morning after the night before. For whatever reason it might be, this alarm clock is sure to do the trick and make sure you're not late for whatever the day has in store for you.

The Wake'n' Shake has a twofold attack on your deep sleep. The extra loud alarm is sure to bring you to your senses, whilst the  'shake' will scare the living daylights out of you. Of course if you require a more subtle awakening you adjust the volume of the alarm and the rigour of the shake.

The alarm clock is designed with a mirror effect on the front and its light halo differs from the standard alarm clocks. Thanks to a powerful amplification (95dB spl), you will always be on time. If audible and visual alarms are not enough, the STAR is supplied with a shaker allowing you to set up the clock to 5 different alarm settings. You choose which is the best for you! The clock can be used with batteries in case of power failure, however is supplied with a power supply. Your room will be so different with this glamorous clock lighting it up whenever you turn it on!

Box Contains

Wake and Shaker Alarm clock
vibrating shaker pad
mains adaptor
User Guide


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