Who Tall Are You?

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If you've ever watched wide screen TV and noticed that everyone looks a bit fatter than usual then you might wonder how tall, fat or thin people you see on the TV really are. Could they all be midgets filmed on a very small set?

Well now you can find out for real and compare yourself to some of the most famous people in history. With the Who Tall Are You wall chart you can see how you measure up against Adolf Hitler, Kylie Minogue and many more.

Some of the most well known and notorious people in history are on this chart so you can now see if you are the same height or who is shorter than you.

Just bear in mind, if you find Alexander Pope is taller than you, you must be quite short.

On the reverse is an explanaton of who the person is. Who was the other half of Bonnie Parker? (it's actually quite obvious).

No high heels allowed (that includes blokes)

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