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The object of Who's Naked? is to guess the identity of your opponents card. To do this you must try eliminating the possibilities by asking questions about the size, shape or any outstanding features of the characters on the cards.

Try to narrow down the possibilties by finding out if they are a bit hairy in the nether regions or generously proportioned. Just remember, the answer always depends upon your personal judgement and answers may vary!

If you know the rules to a similar version where you have to guess the identity of the person on your opponents card you already know the rules for this new one.

The Who's Naked game features 24 cards with various characters. Two trays are included. The winner is the first person to guess the identity of the opponents card.

The pictures below are censored. In the actual game they are not, so please do not buy this if you are easily offended, under 18 or have an inferiority complex.

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