Willa Walker

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The Willa Walker is named after the little girl who the inventor used to try his very first design on. It worked better than they could have hoped for and Willa can now walk without aid her Mum and Dads backs did not suffer in the process!

It is not only designed to help and encourage your baby to walk, but to also make it safer, to allow them to practice when out and about and also to save you the parent from bending over all the time.


Willa Walkers are made from upcycled, sustainably-farmed wood, cotton & coconut oil.

The Willa Walker is light and small enough to fit in your purse or even your pocket. They are great for hiking and traveling with toddlers.

The Perfect Unusual Gift

The Willa Walker makes a great baby shower gift, a wonderful 1st birthday gift and a lifesaver for any parents you know with a toddling baby.

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