Zombie Slippers

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You probably didn't realise that you wanted some Zombie Slippers, but during the transitional stage you'll not have time to nip down the shops. Zombies cannot drive and are not accepted on most bus services, so get them now before it's too late.

On the other hand if you're preparing for the Zombie apocalypse then the best way to fit in is with some specially made slippers. All the latest and most trendy Zombies are now wearing them (they bought them pre-Zombie stage) so don't be the one that's left out.

Alternatively if your household has various Zombies wandering the hallways every morning then these Zombie Slippers might be ideal to finish the look.

They're extremely comfortable and will keep your little Zombie tootsies as warm as toast in the colder months.

So you can now be one of the walking dead every morning, that is until you have your coffee and shower. Just revert back to Zombie mode when you get home from work.

One size fits most. We would say approx mens size 6.5 to 11.

No left or right foot, just to make it easier for Zombies.

Feel free to send us a piccie of you in your Zombie Slippers watching your favourite Zombie Film and we will add it below!

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