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PurFlo Snoozee Sleep Trainer & Clock

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Product Description

Any parent has probably forgotten the day when they slept until they woke naturally, not because the crying from another room forced them into the day.

The Snoozee Clock from Purflo is here to try and teach children when a good time to get up is and to give parents that well earned rest.

There are icons on the clock and colours which tell a child when it's ok to get out of bed. Getting up and 5am is not getting up time, and no longer does it have to be.


A sleep trainer clock for children who can’t yet tell the time. The easy to understand display helps them to know when it’s time to wake up

  • 7 Levels of adjustable brightness to make sure it’s not too bright at bedtime.
  • Fully chargeable so no need for  mains cable next  to the bed.
  • Child friendly clear icons. Sun for wake up and Moon for sleep time
  • Child key lock to prevent accidental altering of the settings
  • Simple and user friendly operation
  • ON/OFF Button
  • Alarm mode if desired
  • USB rechargeable - lead included.

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