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Ring Light

£14.99 - £21.99
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Product Description

Ever wondered how they always look good in films? Partly make-up, but it's also about getting the lighting just right. This LED Ring Light is ideal for anyone that does lots of video calls, vlogging or takes lots of selfies.

You can change between three modes, Natural, Soft or Warm, so whatever video call you're on you'll always look your best.

Professional Style Video Lighting for you home

3 Light Modes: White, Soft, Warm

Adjustable brightness

Extendable Metal Tripod: Chrome Colour

LED light ring: 6 “/16cm diameter or 8"/20cm diameter

Professional Style Video Lighting for you home


Colour Ring Light:

Multi-mode RGB light function.
• RGB 16 Colour Select, increase brightness, reduce brightness and 9 select colour mode giving you endless colour combinations!
• Spectrum chase mode, 6 colour wheel, 2 colour wheel, 1 colour wheel, pulse and solid lighting effects.

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