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Rubbers For Wine Lovers

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Product Description

Better safe than sorry, never get caught without. You can now always play safe in the knowledge that you've always got a Condom Wine Stopper with you. Whether you're out at a restaurant or popping round to see friends, always take a wine bottle rubber with you so you can always take it home to enjoy.

You get a box of six, so leave them in the draw next to your wine or stick one in your handbag so you're never without.

A great unusual gift for anyone that loves wine.... which is just about everyone!  This wine topper uses shrink fit technology to ensure no leakage and to preserve the freshness of your wine bottle. These rubbers for wine lovers are reusable and food safe.

  • Goes Great With A Wine Bottle Gift To Ensure Laughter
  • Condom Style Wine Stopper For The Wine Lover With A Sense Of Humour
  • x6 wine condoms per pack

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