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  • Compost Pail

    Our favourite foods are always the unhealthy ones, and going green always seems to be more effort. T…

  • Cyber Clean

     It might look like some sort of stress relieving gunk but Cyber Clean is in fact an effective …

  • Butcher's Aprons

    Most blokes tend not to wear aprons because they look a bit 'twee'. Well the Butcher's Aprons are he…

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    Nuts About Golf
    Now: £2.62
    Sale: £6.56
    Was: £6.56

    Combining the two things most blokes think they're good at but can't actually do that well is t…

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    Decorative Wall Stickers
    Now: £8.53
    Sale: £15.76
    Was: £15.76

    Now you can give a room a whole different look within a matter of seconds. Change the look and theme…

  • Magic Doormats

    Light your porch up like a runway. Magic Doormats are mats with lights in. They are motion activated…

  • Tidy Ruler

    They say a tify desk is a tidy mind. This Tidy Ruler is surely a must have for anyone that likes to …

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    Crane Hooks
    Now: £6.56
    Sale: £15.10
    Was: £15.10

    Bring the construction site home and use these industrial looking door hooks to hand your stuff on. …

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    AppBlaster from AppToyz
    Now: £8.53
    Sale: £13.13
    Was: £13.13

    The world’s first interactive gun for gaming! This is a gun which houses the iPod / iPhone wh…

  • Festival Feet

    Don't take your wellies and don't ruin your best shoes. Just pack your Festival Feet and off you go,…

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    Now: £13.13
    Sale: £32.19
    Was: £32.19

    The appRacer is  an off road buggy with style and works together with the unique ergonomic peri…

  • Dog Shaped Door Mat

    All dog owners will know that there's nothing like being greeted by your own dog when returning home…

  • Legs Talk Leggings

    If you're not quite sure on what length of skirt to wear then let the Lets Talk Leggings decide. Wri…

  • Man Wrap

    Sometimes it's good being a bloke, other times it's not. We won't list the reasons, we're sure you c…

  • Hungry Lunch Bags

    With the Hungry Lunch Bags you can write whats inside, who it's for or just a little note saying 'lo…

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    Zombie Foot Dog Toy
    Now: £4.99
    Sale: £6.99
    Was: £6.99

    Prepare your dog for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse! The Zombie Foot Dog Toy looks like a severed fo…

  • Face Mats

    Need a new face? or just make someone laugh? Well Face Mats are here! They are beer mats, but also h…

  • Chalky Talkies

    Get your message across in photos and selfies with these mini message boards. The Chalky Talkies all…

  • Senz Umbrella

    Playing with the wind has become not only easy and comfortable, it’s a lot of fun too! The Sen…

  • New Car Candle

    We're not sure what it is with the smell of a new car, but they do have a certain smell. Clean and m…

  • Gadget Floats

    It's one of the worst feelings when you drop something, your heart sinks and you wonder if it's goin…

  • Borat Mankini

    OK, so this is a bit wierd. It is a bikini for men, as fashioned by Borat Sagdiyev th…

  • Toasted Notes

    It might resemble a slice of toast with butter on it. It is however a rather quirky and alternative …

  • Balloon Speaker

    The simple yet effective design of this Balloon Speaker by Japanese tech firm Yuento makes this one …

  • Strawz

    We all used to use straws as children, and some of us that frequent fast food establishments probabl…

  • Air Mail Catapult

    The AirMail Note Catapult is a fun way to dispose of notes or to transport a note to a fellow worker…

41 of 41 Items