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Product Description

The UGC were the first to bring the Selk'bag to the UK in early 2007. We tried them and are still wearing them now. Due to the practicality of being able to walk around in you never need to take them off, that is unless you get too hot.

Since we do spend 30% of our lives sleeping you might wonder why the Selk'bag had not been invented years ago. So why it has taken so long to invent the Selk'bag, we don't know.

Ok, so we don't spend 30% of our lives camping, but now the Selk'bag is here you don't just have to wait until you go camping to get into your sleeping bag. If you're one of those people who like a lazy comfortable Sunday around the house or someone who just gets a bit cold easily, then why not slip into your Selk'bag for some quality chilling out by the TV.

The Selk'bag is not just any old sleeping bag with movable arms and legs, it is made from premium insulating materials, meaning that you'll be running about in complete warmth in almost any weather the UK climate can throw at you.

For a general size guide give if you're over 6ft go for the larger size as this will give you lots of room as you would expect from a normal sleeping bag.




  • This silky soft ripstop nylon is the perfect balance between comfort, durability and weight. Rip stop weave - reinforcing threads woven into it for increased tear resistance.
  • The new belt system allows for a better fit around hips.



  • An insulated hood with a 3D collar around neck for added warmth.
  • Reinforced nylon soles prevent wear; lateral grips give traction on multiple surfaces
  • Velcro around ankles for comfortable and stumble free walking.
  • Chest pocket for smart phone, keys or cash.


The MusucBag is the ideal way to stay warm in the winter and around the house and adaptable when you're camping. You should be able to wear your normal clothes inside the MusucBag so it should be slightly bigger than you need. This will also allow you some room when you're sleeping in it.

Make sure you know the right size before ordering your MusucBag. Check out the size chart to see which MusucBag size is right for you. By choosing your body length in the size chart we already account for additional space in the bag for your comfort. Please only go by body length when making your choice.
If your height is on the verge between two sizes we always recommend choosing the larger size as it will be more comfortable when you sleep and of course will increase mobility and movement while sleeping.

SelkBag Sizing

We are one of very few retailers worldwide who keep large stocks and are able to offer the full range of sizes and colours. We also offer the full range.

We wear them in the office, go camping with them and love selling them!


Technical Specifications

Outside: Ripstop Nylon 300T/40D
Inside: Polyester Diamond 290T/50D
Filling: Hollow Fiber Polyester
Fill quantity: 2 × 100 g/m²
Layers: 2
EN 13537 Temperature Ratings
Comfort: 9°C
Limit: 4°C
Extreme: -9°C
Warmth collar advanced 3D
Functional contoured hood with drawstring cord systems
Size M: 1700 g
Size L: 1900 g
Size XL: 2100 g
Stuff sack: 38 cm × 25 cm
Pack volume: about 13 litres

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Now: £59.99
MSRP: £99.99
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