Solar Kettle

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Product Overview

You take a flask, or you could take a gas stove. Both these options are however not that ideal. Just take the solar kettle and you can have a hot drink without having to carry around gas bottles or extra water.

The Solar Kettle is a sort of self-heating flask. It also means that you can heat water when and if you find it. The insulating properties of the Solar Kettle also mean your drink can stay warm for longer.

No need to take a flask or a gas stove. Just take the solar kettle. The solar kettle is the ultimate in microgeneration. It has very many advantages.

  • BOILING water at zero cost!
  • NO electricity required!
  • Can be used anywhere there is sunlight:

Use for: Tea, coffee, pot noodle,Cooking rice, Sterilising water



The Solar Kettle gives you hot/boiling water on tap wherever there is sunshine. Whether camping in a tent, motor-home, caravanning or on manoeuvres with the army; the solar kettle means no more reliance on gas stoves and no more heavy and expensive gas canisters. No dangerous flames. Just an unlimited source of free energy!


The solar kettle is light and compact. It weighs just 1.2 Kg. It can be used to melt snow to make tea, coffee, soup and hot food which can seriously revive a cold and tired mountaineer. Alpine conditions of clear sunshine give ideal operating conditions regardless of the air temperature.


The Solar Kettle can be used to sterilize water thus making unknown water sources safe to drink. Beverages such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup can easily be made with the solar kettle. In extreme cold climates it can be used to melt snow and pasteurize it for drinking water. In sea survival situations the solar kettle can be used for desalination, to produce distilled fresh drinking water, from seawater.

Everyday use

In the United Kingdom tea drinking is a national institution, we down an amazing 1909 cups of tea every second, 6.8 million every hour, and 165 million cups every day, according to figures from the UK Tea Council. This unsurprisingly uses up a lot of energy, a kettle uses up to 3kW of electricity


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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