SpillNot No-Spill Mug Holder

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  • SpillNot No-Spill Mug Holder
  • SpillNot No-Spill Mug Holder
  • SpillNot No-Spill Mug Holder
  • SpillNot No-Spill Mug Holder
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If you're one of those that likes to walk around with their tea or coffee, or you have a long way to walk back to your desk then this is for you. In simple terms the SpillNot 'absorbs' the inertia which means the liquid within your mug stays in place.

The physics behind this unusual coffee holder is that the liquid does not spill or slosh in the cup and the cup does not tend to slide on the SpillNot as it is carried, even if it is swung all around. Why not? The answer is that the loop handle (let’s think of it as a ‘thread’) is very flexible and cannot deliver a lateral acceleration to the cup (because it has no ‘sheer strength’), which is what usually makes liquid spill from an open container that is not tipped.

If you don't beleive us the  watch the video below!


  • Put the cup on the base, lift and carry SpillNot by the strap
  • You can even do tricks (with some practice, try outside first!)
  • Excellent gift for: science teachers, people who spill drinks a lot
  • Black plastic base with non-slip coaster and woven nylon strap
  • Dimensions: 7.5" tall, 6.25" at widest point, 4.5" wide base for mug


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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Great aid

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Mar 2018

    Wow this has helped my mum so much, does exactly what it says "no more spills"

  • 5
    Genuinely impressed

    Posted by Omar Terywall on 17th Dec 2017

    Crappy name... but it certainly lives up to its name! We may have had a few little spills as we tested it’s capability of defying physics. Overall, it’s been brilliant. A great addition to the home not just for being incredibly practical, but also an impressive thing to show guests

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Oct 2017

    We like a cuppa in the morning in our camper van and the spillnots can be hung from bungee straps hooked to make a loop from a shelf above our beds. Slight rocking movement of the van is not a problem and I just have to be careful not to flick the duvet to high when getting back into bed. Mug of tea then hangs conveniently in front of us. Bliss!

  • 5
    no more spills!

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jun 2017

    I shake like a leaf in a gale, usually I only half fill my mug, and still manage to spill it taking it 3 metres to my chair, but now the mug is almost full and no messy floor! Very happy, well worth the price for less cleaning!

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