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Thai Green Curry Crickets

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Product Description

Enjoy this tasty treate with a glass of your favourite tipple. Each cricket is delicately flavoured with a light Thai Green Curry flavouring so you get that subtle aromatic taste along with the crispy crunch of the cricket.

Edible Insects are our food shortage solution of the future, so give them a try, you might like them.

It's only a small pack, but it's packed full of goodness and flavour. 6+ crickets per pack.

Oven baked crickets farm raised on a diet of fresh grains and cereals. Baked not fried for a healthy snack. Seasoned with Thai green curry.


All of our Edible insects are manufactured under strict hygiene standards, all of our products also fully comply with all UK and European Union Community guidelines on food standards and safety. We also periodically test our products to ensure safety. Making sure that at all times the Edible Insect range is fully fit for human consumption. Other sites do selling directly from countries outside the EU  DO NOT comply with these regulations.

Other Details

Best Before:
Sept 2019

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