To Do Tattoo

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Product Overview

You can write down all the reminders you like, but you'll either forget to take that bit of paper with you or forget it's in your pocket. The To Do Tattoo is a novel but neat way of applying the list of potential forgettings to your hand. We all know that the hand (bar strapping a note to your head) is the best place to remind you of your impending tasks. The To Do Tattoo will remind you of those tasks and has six lines to write on as well as a special pen to write them down with.

The To Do Tattoo is the same idea as having lines on your writing pad but instead on your hand. Your hand doodles will be less of a mess and more of a structured list, therefore allowing you to carry out your tasks with improved efficiency and making more time for tasks that help subdue the memory.

You get 12 To Do Tattoos and a pen. Now you never have to remember.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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