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Underground Beer Cooler

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Product Description

No it's not a wine cellar, far from it. This is a real mans secret beer stash. So come that moment when you require a beer, from out of nowhere you can reach down and pull beers from the ground below you. Not only will beer ascend from the deep, but due to the cooling effects from being beneath the ground your beer will be nice and cold.

All that's required is a hole with which to put your Underground Beer Cooler in, about 90 cms should do it. You can either get your shovel out or hire an auger from your local hire store.

Due to its ingenious precision German design the Beer Lift has a hydraulic lift that assists with the lifting of the beer. You can also buy the artifical turf lid so your beer store remains undetected, more of a beer safe.

The Underground Beer Cooler is a sealed chamber that will keep your beer cool, dry and free from just about everything when fitted with the lid (supplied).

Holds 15 bottles. Most sizes from small stubbies to 1 litre bottles should fit.


  • Climate-neutral: Keep you beer chilled without having to use any electricity. 
  • With watertight and UV-resistant lid.
  • Thick-walled cladding tube, impact- and weather-resistant.
  • The welded, watertight bottom keeps out any humidity or vermin.
  • Made in Germany
  • Professional construction, Bottle-holder with handy click-in system for 15 bottles and a secure grip.
  • Plastic framework with handle for an easy pull out, incl. bottle-opener. 

Ø200mm cladding tube,

great for BBQ's when you can just pull beer from out of your lawn!

Sorry no beer included.

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