Underwater Light Show

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Just sit back relax and let the show begin. Everyone will be so impressed they'll want to jump into the bath with you. Or they can just buy their own.

Most of us like a good soak in the bath now and again and here's a way to add a bit more ambience to that bit of special time to help you unwind. The Underwater Light Show creates an incredible colour changing display which should add a spectacular mystical element to your bath.

It's basically a disco ball but a bit more soothing. It will phase through the colours whilst floating on the water or affixed underwater to the bottom or side of your bath. You can even choose between five settings and select the lighting sequence that suits you best.

Underwater Light Show Case

The Underwater Light Show is waterproof (obviously), just turn it on and watch it revolve through the colours creating an amazing display in your bath.

Nowadays we tend to shower to clean and bathe to relax, well not you can do it in style by adding some underwater lighting and switching off the bathroom lights. Just check where the soap is before you get in.

You don't have to restrict the use of the Underwater Light Show to the bath. If you have a swimming pool then great, if not then find some friends that have.

Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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