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    Fizz Creations Unicorn Candle
    Now: £5.99
    Was: £9.99

    Gorgeous Unicorn Candle that melts a rainbow. The wax slowly melts away revealing magical colours. …

  • Unicorn Lamp

    It has been heard that if you listen carefully at night you can hear the wind. That has nothing to d…

  • Poopoo Unicorn

    You can't get much cuter than a Unicorn that does a little Unicorn Poo can you? Well... maybe, but t…

  • Furry Unicorn Notebook

    Ideal if you want to go unicorn spotting, this notebook can be on hand to take down any details you …

  • Raising Unicorns

    It's about time they released a book on raising Unicorns. They've done for cows, pigs and hamsters, …

  • Unicorn Plasters

    If you're going to cut yourself then give yourself as best a chance as possible to recover with a Un…

  • Unicorn String Lights

    Light up your life with these super cute Unicorn String Lights. Perfect for a baby nursery with low …

  • Unicorn Nail Dryer

    You will never want to dry your nails any other way after you have used your very own Unicorn Nail D…

  • Unicorn Colour Changing Mug

    What magical elixir can you drink from a Unicorm Mug? Well surely anything you put into this colour…

  • Unicorn Mood Light

    This delightful little Unicorn Mood Light will certainly lighten anyone's mood! Changing through se…

  • Unicorn Lolly

    If you're going to have a lolly you might aswell have a Unicorn Lolly. Known to be the best and tast…

  • Unicorn Discovery Kit

    Some say that Unicorns are real. Those say say that they're real are usually correct in a many subje…

  • Unicorn Lip Balm

    If your Unicorn has sore lips then you need to get it to the vets or get it some of this magical Uni…

  • Unicorn Nail Polish

    If you want magical glittery nails then Unicorn Nail Polish is just the thing. This nail polish has …

  • Handicorn

    Hands are very useful, and they can do loads of things. The one drawback however is that they're not…

  • Evil Unicorn Horn

    Evil Unicorn Horns are not just for cats (or Unicorns). They can be attached where required, be it y…

21 of 21 Items