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Vibrating Alarm Clock / Sonic Boom

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Product Description

For those who like to wake up with a shake and not a shrill the Vibrating Alarm Clock is perfect.

Ideal if you don't want to wake your partner up in the morning. So let them sleep in peace as the Vibrating Alarm Clock discretely akes you and noone else!

Comes complete with batteries, pillow strap with clasp, and protective travel case. Shakes you awake with its powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsating alarm.



  •   Most powerful shaker
  •   New test button. Push to test batteries, vibration and sound operation
  •   Easy-to-set function keys
  •   Easy-to-read display (raised/lowered)
  •   Standard size batteries included (2 AA; 1 AAA)
  •   Travel case with pillow clasp included
  •   Continuous four minute snooze
  •   Clip & lead to secure in/under pillow
  •   Swivel and flush mounted display protects settings
  •   Manually lighted display for up to 50% longer battery life
  •   Complete with a loud 90db volume
  •   Manufacturers Warranty

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