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Vortex Vault

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Product Description

The Vortex Vault savings bank is the coolest way to save your hard-earned cash. Enjoy a thrilling, mesmerising experience as you watch your coin spin and spin until it reaches the bottom.

Practical, it is also educational providing the opportunity to explain to young boys and girls, the importance of saving money and the basics of money management. It will also introduce them to Physics as you explain the science behind why when you drop a coin into the top channel it will spiral around until dropping into the coin bank base.

Adults too will love the Vortex Vault which can be used at home, work or college. Once the Vortex Vault is full, all you need to do is separate the top half of the vault from the bottom and retrieve your savings.

Vortex shaped money bank, approx. 18cm (7") tall.

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