Water Powered Eco Clock

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Product Overview

Tired of changing the batteries in your clocks? Then look no further, with this Water Powered Eco Clock you never have to change another battery. Ok so you don't have to change the battery, but unfortunately you will have to change the water. Water is however just a tad cheaper than batteries, and even cheaper if you collect it from the fluffy things in the sky. Accurate, environmentally friendly to use. Who'd of thought you can power something with water? Well not us, but it's true you can, just don't ask us how it works we'll leave that bit up to you. We'll pack it up and send it to you, in the meantime go and find someone with a beard and funny hair and ask them how it works. Running 100% on natural power, without batteries, chemicals or anything other than water and a dash of lemon juice. Fill it up for more than six weeks of timekeeping. With its contemporary design, its ideal for use at home or in the office and ideal as a gift.  Measures 10cm x 8.5cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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