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Weather Stick

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Product Description

John Kettley was a weatherman, this stick is also a weatherman, but of the two the Weather Stick is more likely to fit in an envelope. It also fits nicely on the wall.

The Weather Stick tells you the forecast. It will point up or down depending on whether the weather is going to be good or bad. You don't need to know the forecast the other side of the country, just where yu are, and that's what the Weather Stick does.

All you have to do is to attach it to an outside wall or tree exposed to the elements. After allowing the stick to acclimatise it will start to accurately predict the weather for years to come. To find out what the weather is going to do – just look at the stick – when bad/wet weather approaches, the stick will bend “down”, when good/sunny/dry weather approaches the stick will bend “up”

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