Which Bugs A Bug

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Our obsession with watching celebrities eating insects and the marsupials danglies is beyond weird. We have however taken this a step further. Before now it was on our TV screens, but now it can be sat on the couch, TV off and your friends urging you on. Yes you can now buy your very own pack of witchetty grubs, guts in all.

Our pack of witchetty grubs has a twist. That is that they're not real, sorry but we have to draw the line somewhere. This pack contains 7 belgian chocolate  grubs with toffee some are just made of chocolate and have nice fillings, whilst others might contain a real critters. It's russian roulette with chocolates and edible insects.

You can play your own game of Celebrity russian roulette.

This product is endorsed by ITV and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Ok for vegetarians.

10 x belgian chocolate  grubs (some with real insects inside)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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