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Wine Bottle Salt and Pepper Mills

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Product Description

A great gift for all wine buffs and connaisseurs of anything fine. These Wine Bottle Salt and Pepper Mills will have most people fooled as they sit down to dinner. Choose from 'Chateauneuf du Pepper' - Red wine pepper mill or 'Salternes' White wine salt mill. These attractive solid wood wine bottle salt and pepper mills are intricately made and great quality.

Made in France like all good wine, they are approx 10" tall and look just like a real bottle of wine. With ceramic mechanism for course and fine grinding. Painted wood and each bottle in a gift box.

Just twist the top as you would a normal salt or pepper mill and the salt or pepper will be crushed and dispensed. A great conversation piece for your dinner party and the ideal gift for someone that can say 'Gewurztraminer'  after a couple of bottles (it's a full bodied French wine for those non-connaisseurs).

A great unusual gifts for any wine lovers out there.

Given a ‘best buy’ rating in a Daily Mail survey of pepper mills
10-year guarantee and gift boxed.

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