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WineBlock Lip & Teeth Balm

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Product Description

WineBlock is an on-the-go, pocket-sized, stain preventing balm for your lips & teeth. It was developed to block those pesky red wine stains you get on your lips and teeth and in the corners of your mouth. Made with tannin and acid blocking agents that protect your mouth from red wine stains. Relax, we’ve got you covered. We are on a mission to end "wine mouth" forever, so go ahead and order red! 

What is WineBlock made of?

We believe the things you put on your body to keep it looking it’s best, should be natural and made with non-toxic ingredients. Our ingredients consist of several natural and moisturizing oils as well as proprietary stain blocking agents.

Is WineBlock allergen-free, dye-free, gluten-free, non-toxic and never tested on animals?

You bet it is! We love everything natural and non-toxic. We also love animals.

Will WineBlock interfere with the taste of wine?

No way, party foul. We don’t want anything interfering with the taste of our beloved red wine and have deliberately designed WineBlock with an inconspicuous taste that dissipates seconds after you apply it.

The perfect if not slightly unusual gift for wine lovers.


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