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Product Description

There's many an option to solving the old problem of the wonkey table. Beer mats, eating off your lap or going home might not always be the best solution, so here is the Wonkey! Just put this on your keyring and next time your table has a wonkey leg just take this off your keyring and pop it under your table leg.

It might appear a simple solution to a simple problem, but nonetheless it's an annoying problem that needn't be when you have a Wonkey on your keyring. Annoying wobbly tables are a thing of the past.

Designed to look like a key so it won’t look out of place on your key ring and is always with you; WonKey is produced from silicone rubber for maximum grip and durability.

So next time you’re dining out, rest assured that you won’t be leaving with red wine down your favourite shirt and an embarrassed look on your face. No more wobble with the Wonkey.

Simply detach WonKey from your keys and wedge it under the wonky table leg to make your table stable.

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