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Turn your house into a menacing haunted house with these WoWindow Posters. Just apply the Cats Eyes Poster on the inside of the window with the included adhesive sticker and switch the light on the light.

WOWindow Posters are full-color, translucent window posters to enjoy or scare passersby on the street! Regular household lights illuminate the posters from the inside at night and sunlight illuminates the posters for a day effect. The posters can be easily folded and stored for reuse next year. The poster is lightweight and is easily hung by applying a patch of surface-safe, removable corner stick adhesive squares to each corner of a window and pressing the poster to the adhesive. Removable corner-stick adhesive squares are included for easy hanging. Excess poster material can be easily trimmed with scissors.


The 'Catrageous Beast Eyes' come as a double poster so either apply them to a double window or two single windows. From the outside the house with the right lights switched on or off the effect will be amazing.

Bright! They 'light up' with your inside lights!

Easy! Use enclosed adhesive squares to attach to inside window frame.

Reusable! Take down, fold and store for next time!
2 x  3' x 5' Posters
8 x Removable adhesive squares







Step 1:

Peel and stick the enclosed adhesive squares to each corner of your window frame (not the glass).

Step 2:

Face the colorful side of the poster toward the glass. Press it onto the top two adhesive squares (be sure the position will look good from outside). Remove any slack and press the bottom to the lower two adhesive squares.

 Step 3:

Turn up your interior room light(s), step outside, and see how your WOWindow™ Poster brings your house to life!



Caution: Follow the instruction "FACE THIS SIDE TOWARD GLASS" printed on the bottom edge of your WOWindow™ Poster. If this instruction is not present, face the more colorful side of your poster toward the glass.









(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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